Default search engine changes to last search engine used in new tab?

  • Hi all, Hoping someone can help me here. Ever since upgrading to 1.0 Vivaldi and the RC's after that I have found that when I create a new tab rather than having the default search engine it uses whatever was the last search engine I have used. Is this a bug? or has vivaldi changed the way the search engine works as this is getting quite annoying having to select my default search engine again when I open a new tab and want to search something. Thanks!

  • I cant be the only one who noticed this change? It was definitely not in the versions before version 1 and I have tested this on another computer as well.

  • Nobody?

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    No i cant confirm this behavior.

  • Noticed this before…but didn't think much about it....but can confirm it will use the last search engine used when i search in the new tab.


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    Cant confirm this with 1.2.470.11 Snapshot from

  • I am running 1.2.470.11 32 bit on Win 10 and have the same issue. Searches defaulting to previously used engine instead of the default.
    This also was occurring before this update. It is indeed annoying and I would hope this will be addressed soon.

  • I'm running the same build 1.2.470.11 (Developer Build) (32-bit)

    Seems like some people get this and some people don't? I'm running Windows 7 64 bit if anybody is looking into this and hope this gets resolved soon.

  • @Kyriasa: It works consistently for everyone, some do not confirm because you have not said you mean search engine selection in the search field so some have misinterpreted.

    You are correct the behaviour has been introduced around version 1.0 Final. It is intentional that last used search engine in the search field is remembered. It is of major convinience for me.

    You can use your default search engine by typing in the URL field. Does it work for you?

  • @wojcieche: Thanks for letting me know that this is actually a new feature. Sorry, yes you are correct, I should have mentioned this was in the search field bar and not the URL bar.

    I can confirm that I can select my search engine in the URL field. But i always found it much more convenient to use the dedicated search field for my searches and having it go back to its default when I create a new tab. I can understand it also maybe more convenient for others being the opposite like yourself.

    It would have been nice if Vivaldi could have given the option to switch the behaviour so that users have a choice between keeping the last search engine used and not keeping the last search engine used in the search field. Is there a way this can be suggested?

    Thanks again


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