How to set Vivaldi to automatically log in to certain website accounts

  • Whenever I open Vivaldi and go to a website that I have account information saved for, I still need to log in on my first visit. Each subsequent visit does not require me to log in, unless I close Vivaldi (thus making he next visit to the website the 'first' visit of that session). How do I set up auto-login on Vivaldi (at least for a Google account, but a general solution for all accounts would be optimal).

  • I would love to know the answer to this.

    With Chrome I just open it and it is already signed into my gmail and keep accounts.

    Annoying as my webpanels are generally this and it is annoying to have to sign in each time.

  • Google Auto-Login is a Google-Chrome-specific feature and works only with Google accounts. Vivaldi is not a Google product, so it might automatically login you into one day, but not more.

    To solve this, set Vivaldi to not delete your cookies and then tell Google to remember you through by enabling the checkbox on the Google login page.

  • Thanks.
    How do you set vivaldi to not delete cookies?

  • Click on the settings wheel (looks like a gear), go to the "Privacy" section and under "Cookies: Accept Cookies," select the "All" option. Just tried it and it fixed my issue. Annoying that I have to keep all of the cookies, but if it allows me to not have to log into everything each time I open Vivaldi, I think it's worth it. Everything that I have linked to a gmail account on 3rd party sites now logs in automatically, but I haven't tried anything yet that is a 3rd party site login which is not tied to my gmail.

  • Easy answer! Just go to and download this free program. Been using it for years and is excellent. Using on different browsers, yes Vivaldi too, and it works! 🙂


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