Newsfeed extension doesn't show in an Private-tab

  • I always browse incognito and have all the extensions supporting that. Now I installed the extension; The RSS Aggregator a newsfeed reader very like the one Opera 12 came with. Unfortunately it won't open on an Private tab despite the fact that It will open as a panel when browsing incognito/InPrivate. The message I get is as follows; [center]Deze site is niet bereikbaar chrome-extension://ffhafkagcdhnhamiaecajogjcfgienom/main.html is niet bereikbaar. ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE[/center] Is there any work-a-round for this, cause the panel can't be streched to full screen and opening an extra 'public' window isn't really what I want. Thnx & Grtz, Yatta

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    In Chrome 50 and Opera 38 it is the same.
    Thats a problem of the Extension, it cant open a private tab, ten concept is that it only works in normal non-incognito mode.

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