Vivaldi update close prompt

  • Too many times I had downloaded update just to lose it, when I closed the browser, why not detect software update window, and instead of closing it with the vivaldi, ask for confirmation? something like 1 cancel update, close vivaldi 2 apply(wait for download) update than close (do not reopen) Simple QoL improvement would be much appropriated. Tnx

  • Moderator

    This used to happen to me, until I realised that you have to wait for the downloaded update to start installing before manually closing Vivaldi.

    When the download is complete it says to close Vivaldi: Do not do it yet


    When this dialogue appears, then it is safe to close Vivaldi, but you must do it manually.


    It would be much better if the installer would automatically close the previous version when it starts up, but it won't. It leaves the old vivaldi.exe and creates a file named new_vivaldi.exe, which is the latest version, so then you have to delete vivaldi.exe and rename new_vivaldi.exe.


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