Some issues with Video Playback via PLEX

  • I use the PLEX Media Server software to manage my media library. By default the client software attempts to use HTML 5 playback in lieu of a (Adobe) Flash player. While much of the video media is in MP4 containers, which play in all my installed browsers; Firefox, Vivaldi, Chrome and Internet Explorer. I have noticed with video media in Matroska containers (MKV), the PLEX playback client reports "There is a problem playing this item" only on the Vivaldi Browser. Even switching off the HTML 5 preference had no effect in allowing playback. I was going to attach a log which may explain why Vivaldi cannot playback the video that the others can, but apparently attachments can only be pictures, not really long text files. My platform is Win 7 Home (64) using Vivaldi.1.0.435.42.x64.exe


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