Backgrounds or wallpapers

  • Hello, Who can tell me where I can find good widescreen 1600x900 (laptop) backgrounds or wallpapers of the Vivaldi browser ? Thanks in advance for your answer. Best regards.

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    Google is your friend.

    Nobody could know what kind of photos you are looking for.

  • As said, I'm looking for backgrounds or wallpapers with the new VIVALDI- browser logo or -brandname on it.
    I know most of the websites you sent me, but none of them has these specific VIVALDI wallpapers.
    By the way, after my experience with Google for years (which is not bad), I have to admit that VIVALDI is something really new, fresh and great !! To recommend !

    Best regards.

  • You can download Vivaldi's Press Kit @ and make your own from files they provide.

  • I too have noticed the lack of Vivaldi walls, I may break out Photoshop CS and create a few.
    You would think this would be encouraged as it's good advertisement and allows the community to show support.
    Once done I will contact a Moderator or Admin to see where I should post them.


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