Suggestion for faster tab switching

  • Instead of using 1 and 2 for cycling forward and backward, there could be the function to assign all numbers(each to its own tab, in order).So when i hit "1" it goes to my first tab, and when i hit "5" it goes to my fifth tab.A small number indicator in the tab could also help. Thanks!

  • Moderator

    That would not work for anyone with more than ten tabs, and for anyone with ten or fewer tabs it's easy to see the tab titles and use the mouse to select them.

    Have you tried enabling the tab scrolling feature in Settings, Tabs, Tab features? For a modest number of tabs (10-20) it is very fast and makes it easy to select tabs visually.

    In Opera 12.17 I have a shortcut of Alt W to show the Window menu. A window menu would enable users to select from more than 10 tabs with access keys. Although that would need two key strokes, it would be more versatile.


  • Scrolling is a bit better, however i can still see the hotkeys being useful.Specially with a menu to allow more tabs to be hotkeyed like you suggested!


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