How do I keep Speed-Dial on screen or speed-dial Button?

  • 😊[size=5] Hello To Everyone from Norway. Mine is a quite simple question (i hope?) I really love Vivaldi and I have tried every browser out there(almost) but if Vivaldi continues its meteoric rise it will be unstoppable!! The one thing I hope will be improved is Speed-Dials. I am using Vivaldis own SD,but i keep loosing it of the menu bar etc it only reappears after I click out and back in is their any way to keep it handy IE a button like on Opera which works well,maybe it is me, but I can not see how to bring SD back??? best wishes Steve[/size] :cheer:

  • With default settings, an empty "New Tab" will always be Speed Dial.
    So using:
    '+' button on the tab bar


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