Lastpass problems (I know it's been mentioned before)…

  • I just registered to comment on this because this is important to me. I'm using Vivaldi 1.1.453.36 32 bit. When I try to sign in to Lastpass is takes more than 20 seconds to get a response. This happens every time I try. I know that problems with Lastpass have been mentioned before so please no flaming. My intent is to underline the importance of this problem. As some forum members have stated before, this issue with Lastpass is the only one preventing me from adopting Vivaldi as my main browser. So my message to management is this: please enable me to ditch Opera. Fix problems with Lastpass . Thank you.

  • Moderator

    Yes, we got many bugreports about LastPass issues. Our goal is to give you at first a secure-uptodate browser (Prio 1) and then fixes for several other issues like Crashes, Video decoding or extensions problems.

    My message to you: Please be patient, this LastPass fix will be done!

  • Thank you Gwen.


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