• I wasn't really sure where to put this, but I was trying the tech preview out 😎 . Its actually quite nice and it shows a great deal of promise but a few things came to mind when using it. 1) The colours can be a little bright. 😉 2) Only the active tab is coloured which makes it hard to distinguish between other tabs. Perhaps colour all tabs in their own colour but faded white? 3) When tabs are on the side they use up a lot of vertical space. I only need their title and icon. 4) One idea I had was to have a panel button for tabs so I could switch between the open tabs and bookmarks like I switch between mail and notes. 5) A few borders or something. I like the gui its just there's something quite 'in your face' about it. I think its just the contrast between the colour the window takes on from the page and the very light shades of grey. Overall though this is great :cheer:


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