Few observations about Shortcuts

  • Hello there! I created new topic to share with you some of my observations but didn't knew where to post it. 1. behaviour of ctrl+tab or ctrl+shif+tab for me is quite unintuitive. ctrl+tab runs from right to left but not 4-3-2-1-4 but sometimes 4-2-3-1-4. Im used to chrome, where from right to left tab switching is binded to ctrl+shift+tab. 2. Binding keys is also quite unintuitive because 'core' (?) binds like ctrl+tab are not listed in menu, but when i try to bind them to make it work like in chrome, there's only info that those keys are binded to something else. IMO there should be something like "Those keys are already binded to <actions>. Do you still want to bind it here?" 3, Also using ctrl+w on last tab should close window (like in chrome) but not close tab and open speed dial instead. This behaviour should be choosed by user to make it friendly for everyone</actions>

  • 1. See Settings, Tabs, Tab Features, Cycle in tab order
    2. Ctrl Tab and Ctrl Shift Tab are standard Windows shortcuts. They may be reserved. There are Vivaldi commands in Settings, Keyboard, Tabs for Next/Previous Tab and Next/Previous Recent tab.

  • actualy setting switching tabs in order on 'tab bar' (I don't know how it's called and im using Polish version) makes crtl+tab running 1-2-3-4 and ctrl+shift+tab backwards

  • @RRR13:

    Which is exactly what you wanted, right?

    What purpose does your smug, condescending comment serve?


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