Which file/folder in "Default" stores the User's current Web Panels?

  • [color=#8800ff]Anyone know pls?[/color]

  • There's so many knowledgeable clever people here, yet NObody has already deduced where in Default the User's Web Panels are stored? Really? Sad.

  • I hope the OP will not mind if I post some general thoughts about the Web Panel in her thread – it is not intended as thread jacking, but since Vivaldi was released, there are so many threads with just one or two posts, a lot of them repetitive topics, and this thread was about the Web Panel.

    1. Web Panel — For maximum flexibility, the LHS panel bar should allow normal bookmark buttons to be dragged and dropped there, as well as Web Panel buttons as now, for those people who do not want to display the Bookmarks Bar permanently but might want a few Bookmarks buttons.
    2. Web Panel — There needs to be a right-click context menu item to open the Web Panel in a proper browser window.
    3. Web Panel — Split the Web Panel from the other panels – if it is able to be positioned on the RHS, then one can use the normal panel for bookmarks/downloads on the LHS, while the Web Panel is still open and running on the other side of the screen.
    4. Web Panel — There needs to be a way to edit Web Panel addresses, if one types in the incorrect URL, for example, it seems to be impossible to change it without deleting that Web Panel item and re-doing it from scratch.
    5. Web Panel — There needs to be a way to edit a Web Panel site name, rather than the panel simply taking the page heading transmitted by the website, as some of these are very long and silly and cumbersome.
    6. Web Panel — There needs to be a way to add/change favicons of Web Panels, for those old fashioned websites which do not have their own favicon, and to move the buttons up and down to change their order rather than rigidly adhering to the order in which the panels were added. In general, Web Panel buttons//naming/favicons should be treated with the same flexibility as Bookmarks Toolbar buttons.
    7. Web Panel — The problem with Web Panels is that add-ons do not function in them – my UBlock was not working so I saw lots of advertisements, trackers, etc.
    8. Another problem with Web Panels is that there are no GUI back and forward controls – this hindered me massively from doing anything very useful!

  • I shan't criticise you for definitely hijacking my thread, though the logic of your justification for so-doing seems somewhat parlous to me. However i really do wish that someone might respond to my enquiry with some pertinent cogent solution; i just can't believe that nobody has already deduced it [it's so far beaten me, but i'm sure that better people here than me would know the answer].


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