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  • Just started to test Vivaldi 1.0 (Linux), and I like it up to now, but I will not switch from FireFox before Vivaldi stops suggesting bookmarks and history when I type an address in the address bar. First of all, some of the history items are unreadable, and more importantly, I consider it to be a significant privacy infringement and it should be configurable whether to try to auto-complete from bookmarks and history. I have been searching for a way to switch this "feature" off, but I have neither found direct nor indirect ways of doing this. Any suggestions? [url=]A similar issue is reported under Windows[/url] so I presume it is a generic problem.

  • I'm on Windows, and have some issues with the Address Bar, search suggestions and the Search Bar as well. They really do not work well at the moment. I hope you don't mind if I chime in with a list of observations/bugs.

    1. Address Bar — The layout needs to be more configurable – if I want to move the Home button to the end of the Address Bar, or delete it altogether, then that should be possible.
    2. Address Bar [BUG] — There is a bug in selecting suggestions in the Address Bar – if a long list of suggestions appear in a dropdown box, one can neither use the up/down keys to move to one of them, nor use the scrollbar to select one, as the dropdown list and scrollbar 'disappear' as soon as the cursor tries to select an item.
    3. Search Suggestions — This function needs re-thinking. When search suggestions is turned on (under the Privacy tab in Settings), one needs to be able to activate or deactivate them for the Address Bar and Search Bar separately – for example, so that they can be turned off in the Address Bar or limited only to bookmarks and not have search suggestions from search engines. At the moment, it seems you have to turn off search suggestions completely, and then they do not occur in the Address Bar [good] but nor in the Search Bar [a pain].
    4. Search Suggestions [BUG] — If the search suggestions function is turned on, when entering data into the Search Bar, as the search suggestions are shown, the up/down keys to select one of the offered search suggestions does not work, and one has to select the suggestion with the mouse and cursor alone.
    5. Search Suggestions [BUG] — This function is buggy, as after some time, even with search suggestions turned on (under the Privacy tab in Settings), search suggestions from the default search engine stopped appearing in the Search Bar at all.
    6. Search Bar [BUG] — There are problems with the Search Bar search engines: (a) at the moment their order cannot easily be changed unless one deletes all the search engines and starts adding search engines from scratch (b) even if you carefully put them in order, there's a bug which means the last one gets thrust to the top of the list © when new search engines are added, they don't pick up any favicons, and only the default search engines in the list have any favicons next to them.

    By the way, does anyone know if all the stuff posted on this forum gets back to the developers? Is everyone just wasting their time highlighting [apparent] bugs and requesting features?

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    The developers read in the forums a lot. They seldom post here, however, 'cuz they're busy.


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