Tab scrolling

  • Since upgrading to 1.0.435.42 (I'm on Linux, although I don't know if it's a Linux-specific issue) I've had an issue with regards to right-click+scroll to switch tabs, in addition to an old one. New issue is that I have to scroll twice (two 'clicks' on the scroll wheel in one direction) in order to move the one tab over, then just once per tab after that. Didn't happen in 1.0.3xx or whatever version I was on before. The continued issue is one that has been mentioned before, that scrolling up goes left and down goes right. This does make sense if you have the tab bar on the side, and this tab scrolling order is preserved when the bar is on top or bottom. However, labeling the tabs left to right, 1 through n, intuitively scrolling up would go up in number, and vice versa. An option to reverse direction would be much, much appreciated. Cheers!


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