Save picture to..

  • Is there a keyboard shortcut, for "save picture to..." or any help to create a short cut to it. sorry for inconvinience.

  • Moderator

    A keyboard shortcut is not going to work unless the picture is opened in a tab first.

    You can right-click on a picture to save it from the context menu.

    If you drag a picture to the URL field, it will open in a new tab, then you can use Ctrl S to save it.

  • It should be possible to either a) create a shortcut that invokes 'hints' for image elements on a page that, once activated, trigger the right-click menu for the image chosen or b) modify 'spatial navigation' to do the same. See the Firefox extension 'VimFX' for an example of method (a).

    I doubt Vivaldi would elect to do either of these, though. There just isn't enough interest in making the browser fully drive-able from the keyboard alone, from what I can tell. Even 'power users' are attached to the inefficiency of the mouse, it seems 😜


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