Disable tab thumbnails under the tabs & make tab stack "mini tabs" bigger

  • Hi all, First of all, thanks to the devs for creating an excellent browser. It's refreshing to use a browser that actually innovates on UI features. 1. One thing that I don't like is the ability to drag at the bottom of the tabs to reveal the tab thumbnails. While I can see this feature being useful to some people, I keep inadvertently dragging it down when I want to switch tabs. Could this be made an option, as I don't see myself ever using it. 2. The tab stack feature is brilliant, I use it all the time, thanks for building this in! Is it possible to be able to define the size of the 'mini tabs' within the tab? I am running on a 4K screen, and while I like having it on 125% scaling, those tabs are still really small and fiddly to click. Perhaps just an option to have small/large versions? Looking forward to more great thigns for Vivaldi 🙂


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