Snapshot 1.1.453.30 - More fixes as we close in on the 1.1 stable update

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    [quote=ruario] In today's snapshot we fix the issue with Ctrl clicking on Speed Dials, make fast forward more reliable and fix an issue with URL autocomplete. We have a few [u]more fixes already in the pipeline[/u]. The next release [u]will likely be a 1.1 release candidate[/u].[/quote] [b]Known Issues[/b] [li]We have received a few reports about the following. Fixes are already being tested internally and should arrive in the next snapshot. [li] [Regression] POST to new window results in second GET request to same URL (VB-16295) [Linux] HTML5 proprietary media does not work in Vivaldi 1.1 under Ubuntu with chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra version 49.0.2623.X installed (VB-16300)[/li] [b]Changelog[/b] [li] [Regression] Ctrl or Shift Click on Speed Dial entry opens blank tab (VB-16199) [li] [Regression] Fast forward button is not activated sometimes (VB-15979) [li] [Regression] Title completion in bookmarks is not working (VB-16202) [li] [Regression] Items for Mail and Contact panels show up View menu on all builds (VB-16194) [li] [Regression] Installer mentions Chrome in an error message (VB-14837) [li] Translation updates [/li]


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