Drag tab for new new window

  • Hii There, I'm using Vivaldi for a day now (yes, quite short, I know), but there is one feature that I miss that is actually quite a big deal for me. YOu see, In firefox I can just drag a tab outside the main window to create a new window, this is a feature I use alot, and is really handy-dandy. Am I just looking over a setting for it or isn't it implemented at all??

  • Moderator

    Drag & Drop is not implemented yet, but right-click on a tab and Move to, New window is almost as easy, and a lot easier if you generally work in a maximised window as I do.

  • Ah I sea.
    Drag & Drop would be easier for people like me who have 3 screens.
    but I get your point.
    for now I will just hang on with the rightclick, but it would be nice if it get's implemented soon


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