[Bug^Fixed] Start Page: Open links problem

  • Hi, after update to latest developer release, [b]middle mouse button / wheel button stopped working on start page[/b]. It [b]won't nagivate to page[/b] in background, only empty window is shown. Also I noticed few strange things: [b] - unread mark is visible - after moving to tab, address was visiblie just for a moment, and suddenly deleted - bookmark icon was active [/b] Also it works strange using context menu actions: [b] [color=#008800]- Open: Works OK[/color] [color=#ff8800]- Open in New Tab: Opens new tab, address is there, but won't start navigation[/color] [color=#bb0000]- Open in Background Tab: Same as middle mouse button (logical)[/color] [/b] Please check this out. Thank you in advance. Configuration: [spoiler] [table] [tr] [td]Vivaldi[/td] [td]1.1.453.6 (Developer Build) (64-bit)[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]OS[/td] [td]Windows 7 x64[/td] [/tr] [/table] [/spoiler] [b]Update:[/b] Bug fixed in release [b]1.1.453.30 (Developer Build) (64-bit)[/b]. Thank you!

  • I can see that the problem with MMB on SpeedDial is fixed in internal version.
    Please wait for next Snapshot or Final.

  • Hi,

    thank you for update. I will wait for it, than changing status of bug if it'll work.

  • MMB on SpeedDial fixed in Snapshot 1.1.453.30
    (Also Ctrl-Click and Shift-Click )

  • Hi,

    thank you for update. Tested and works perfectly. Also one other bug was solved.

    Thank to all of you guys for great work you are doing. Just keep doing it :)!

  • Thanks.


    Thank to all of you guys for great work you are doing. Just keep doing it :)!

    Guys and Gals (like me) ;)

  • Ohhh, I'm sorry for misunderstanding. I ment guys in gender neutral way ;), but my mistake. So to make it better, "Thank to everyone even elementary involved" :).

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