Vivaldi GUI match desktop color theme/schema (suggestion/feature request)

  • In old opera, and also in chrome, I can set up the app, to have the same color schema as my desktop (plasma/kde/gtk schema), I'm not too particularly fond of the dark grey (but its better than a 'white' boring app, anyday). I did adjust the common.css file to the same colors as my desktop, but, it would be nice, if the app itself, had a 'use system color schema' (which then, would allow in "windows" to match a color scheme from window blinds), or match linux KDE color or GTK colors (chrome matches GTK, so it matches the rest of my desktop apps. Also, outta curiousity: why is 'common.css' a single line? makes editing (although probably not supported, which is fine) the file, cumbersome to say the least.


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