Situation worse with the last 2 updates (plugin compatibility, background tabs)

  • I enjoyed using Vivaldi and was surprised that the Beta was very usable. However the last two updates made the usability worse for me: 1. Plugin-Compatibility: I used the chrome plugin for Google Hangouts. This worked fine (and even better than in Opera), but with ethe latest updates it fails to work very often and will just work every 2 or 3 times I start the browser. 2. Background Tabs rebuilding: When I click on a Tab in the background it looks like it will be loaded again. This also is annoying if are online on an interactive site (like Hangouts again, which I had to use there becaue of the plugin fail). But I like the Idea that background tabs are in some kind of standby mode. However it should be fine if only Plugins, Javascript etc. are frozen and if you easily could add an exception if it is some interactive site that needs to be run in the backround. My vivaldi version: 1.0.435.42 () (32-Bit)

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    Please try the Latest Snapshot from
    There are some bugs fixed. Sorry that i dont have all bugfixes in my mind, i apologize if the Snapshot does not help.

  • Did it.

    Unfortunately, Problem with the Hangouts-Plugin still exist.

    I solved the tab issue by disabling "vivaldi://flags#automatic-tab-discarding".

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    What does not work in Google Hangouts extension?
    We have some bugreports and i like to check if it is fixed internally.

  • Sometimes it works like normal (which will be indicated by a green logo), sometimes it won't. If I click on the hangouts logo I'll get the usual message window, but it will be empty then.
    It was working 100% fine two official (not developer) versions ago.

    BTW, There is also a different problem with the Google Calendar Plugin. This will require authorizaion and then nothing happens.

  • Same situation. Windows 7 Professional x64, Vivaldi v.1.0.435.42 () (32-bit).

    If I'm signed into Google when launching the browser/enabling the extension, it loads in the glitched mode.
    If I disable the extension, sign out, and re-enable it, I get the sign-in prompt in Hangouts. If I sign in, it goes back to the glitched version until I toggle the tray icon, then I can use it. But using it like this makes Vivaldi unstable to the point of crashing in a few minutes (lightweight browsing while streaming music, fine with Hangouts disabled).

    I'm at the point where I'm running Chrome in the background just for Hangouts. It's kind of ridiculous.


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