Extension from Chrome opens empty page instead of tabdialog.html

  • This happened to me on Windows ans Linux. :S An extension i installed from the chrome repo want to notify me of something, or is pops up a page to save some info, and instead of the content i get a blank page. The address bar would look something like: [code] chrome-extension://d/tabDialog.html?dialog=site [/code] In some cases this can make the extension not be able to do what it needs! It this a known bug? thanks

  • Moderator

    Please help us with more information.
    Which Extension causes this problem?
    Which Vivaldi version do you use?
    Which Linux and window manager?

  • Sure and thanks

    extension are ublock origin and lastpass

    vivaldi 1.0.435.42 / Linux Mint 17.3 / XFCE4


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