Slow down after click

  • After opening several tabs and then clicking in some weird way that made the mouse change into an up and down arrow, the browser became extremely slow and unresponsive. When I closed the browser and started it again, instead of re-loading all the tabs like it normally does, it didn't have any tabs saved. This may help you diagnose this problem. I have a strange habit of clicking around a lot on websites in areas that don't contain anything clickable. Sometimes I am clicking and dragging over text I am reading as if I need it to be highlighted for by brain to scan it haha. Because I click so much, sometimes I do a right click by accident or I might do strange things like right click and then very quickly left click by accident. When this happened, it seemed like I did one of those click two mouse buttons in rapid succession things. My mouse only has a left button, right button, and middle scroll wheel button. A while back when I was trying out Vivaldi, I noticed clicking around like this frequently caused stability problems especially if a video was playing. This time I don't think any videos were playing.


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