[UX] Close button should be on the right

  • The close button for tabs should be on the right. It is way to easy to close a tab by accident, especially when you have a lot of tabs open.

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    The close button for tabs should be on the right. It is way to easy to close a tab by accident, especially when you have a lot of tabs open.

    It IS on the right. What system are you on?

  • It is under the fav icon…on the left. I am on Mac OS X and I have the nightly snapshot.

  • Here is the image, I have attached it. I guess if it is moved to the right in the future, the audio animation would need to be under the right hand corner of the favico. This behavior looks great when there are a lot of tabs open.

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    Ahh, Mac - where all the UI controls are reversed.

    Yeah - I don't know if there's an option to move the "X". I don't think so. But that will surely come…

  • Any updates on this?

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    Any updates on this?

    The developers don't give updates. They fix, correct, adjust things or they don't. Having followed developments here since the browser first saw the light of day about 15 months ago, I'm going to guess that a UI preference like this will, at least for the moment, be low on their priority list. There are several regressions, like for instance broken touch functionality, that are probably near the front of the queue, and then there's the fact that they are trying to get email and sync done, etc. In fact, it may be the developers' judgment that their current placement of the close button is "correct," though the option to modify every aspect of the UI is certainly on their radar.

    So when you report a bug or ask for a feature, (and you can ask for features on the bugreport page as well, BTW), there's nothing that says you can't later repeat yourself and bump your suggestions. But progress updates on bugs and features will only arrive in the form of updates in the browser.

    Once in a GREAT while, a developer will mention that an item is "in the pipeline." We tend to see that on the blog when it happens, rather than in the forums.

  • The problem is not that it's on the right; the problem is that the close button is hidden until the mouse pointer is over that tab. You go to click on the tab, the close box appears right where the favicon was, and you end up closing it instead.

  • Hi there - I've been using Vivaldi for a week, and it's great. Please keep up the good work!

    However, the close button being on the left of the tab on OSX is causing me a lot of frustration and lost work from accidentally closed tabs. It's almost a deal breaker. I know Safari puts close button on the left, but that's one of the reasons I don't use it - it's not intuitive. Other major browsers on OSX (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) put the close on the right. It's also confusing when I go between my Mac and Windows machines, as my windows Vivaldi has the close button on the right.

    I'd very much appreciate it if you could either move the close button to be on the right, or make it a simple config setting - one of Vivali's biggest selling points is the ability to customise the UI to suit your working style, so I think this would be appropriate.

    Thanks again!

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