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  • I have been using the V browser for a couple of days and really love it. However, there is one irritating action that I can't seem to fix. I'm 78% sure it's a browser setting that I have made or not made. First, Vivaldi keeps setting itself as [attachment=3311]Screenshot_1.png[/attachment] the default browser. I have allowed access to the browser in Windows 'default programs'...and the Vivaldi settings show it is NOT the default browser...however when I click on a application to "check for updates" ( CCleaner in this example) the update page appears and also my Vivaldi 'Home' page...two tabs. When I check settings in Vivaldi the browser has changed to "Default Browser". How to stop this behavior? Attachments: alt text

  • @stumped
    It works fine in this latest Windows 10 version: 0_1487420680323_Version.jpg

    Control Panel
    Default programs
    Set your default programs
    Click Vivaldi (or some other browser)
    Set this program as default


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