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  • Hi There, I [i]presume[/i] this applies to Vivaldi on all platforms, rather than just the Linux platform from which I'm currently testing. I just installed a Let's Encrypt cert on one of my web servers: [url=]Jimsun[/url]. When I have the self-signed cert in place I get an open padlock on a red background. When I have a "real" cert, traceable back to a known CA, I get a closed lock on a green background. But with the LE cert I get the "world" indicator, which makes it look as though it's not an SSL connection. Firefox and Chrome display a gray, closed lock on a white background, partially overlaid with an amber triangle containing a ""! (exclamation point). Vivaldi knows it's an HTTPS connection, because, if you click on the little planet icon, it'll tell you so. It's just not indicating it, properly, in that space. Ah! Additional info: It's because of the Weather Underground thing I have on my home page. If I remove that, or go to any of my other pages, the lock on a green background appears. I guess this'd be a judgement call, because that bit on my home page [i]is[/i] non-HTTPS. (And they don't have an https:// URL for those resources, either.) Jim

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    Hello Jim,
    Your site has no padlock because not all content is served over SSL (=https:// URL)! That is called mixed content, and for such mixed sites in Vivaldi the globe is shown.
    You have a image (Pontiac banner) served over https:// URL.


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