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  • I hope the forums/blogs etc on here are the same as Opera's because that was a really well thought out place and very easy to settle into. So where are the blogs on here and how does one name one's blog site or is this some Viking Community where everything is all served up from the one fireplace -hopefully where the cook used a pot that was reserved for cooking.

  • I guess you have misunderstood something: This is not the new MyOpera platform.
    It´s a complete new service, to also rescue the users of MyOpera, who lose an important part of their social network - but not exclusively. It is not hosted by Opera itself.

    Perhaps this post makes it more comprehensible: A place for our closest friends, by Jon v. Tetzchner

  • I haven't misunderstood. Now if you have any say in this place can you please sort out the ability to name one's blog site.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • It's not perfect but if you go to the 'dashboard' under your blog link and click the setting 'gear' you get various options, including blog title and permalink name for the blog. It's not quite as elegant as My Opera, but it works. My blog is called 'Everything is Permuted' and the permalink entry is 'words' as in:

  • They'll run into the same flak that closed Opera.
    A few pages on does not a blog make. Google, Bing & Yandex only seriously pay attention to at least a subdomain : , where javascript is contained, stats can be applied, the subdomain claimed and managed in webmaster tools, monetized, pointed at a personal web url etc.
    They'd be better off going down that route I feel.

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