Searching fails "occasionally often"

  • I am experiencing a rather irritating problem when entering a search term directly into either the URL field or Search field in the browser header (when already viewing a web page) . The search 'result' simply reloads the page I am currently viewing. This does not happen every time but happens often enough that I can replicate it with 4-5 test searches. I have also checked that this is not an auto-complete problem. I am currently using Google as default with search suggestions turned off. Everything else works well, it's just this issue that is proving difficult to ignore. When I then enter the same term again it all works as one would expect.

  • Hmm…... :dry:
    It works fine with me...... 😉
    Try using a different search engine..... 🙂

  • It seems to prefer me to use Bing. No issues with that. How much do I really want to use Bing? No that much to be honest.
    What is really odd is that it does the same on both my work and home machine 😕 I installed Vivaldi on both machines on the same day so I am not sure whether there is something with the build I installed that has become a ghost in the machine even after upgrading. Should maybe uninstall and try again but that is a pain.

  • Do you use the snapshot version or the stable version?
    You could install the one that you aren't using right now and test it out….. 😉
    Try testing it first via the standalone version; then if it works, you can upgrade.... 🙂

  • Thought I had installed the snapshot when I checked the version number but my current version 1.0.435.42 seems to be the one associated with the 1.0 for Windows link. I will give the snapshot a try and see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • The update to the snapshot seems to have cured the problem 🙂 No more grinding my teeth, thanks muchly


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