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  • Hello, I observe a problem that keeps nagging me through all the months I'm trying to use Vivaldi, long before 1.0 and still after 1.0: When I enter a search term (either in URL field or search field), or paste an URL in the URL field and press Enter, there appears to be some "dead pause" when the Vivaldi seemingly doesn't do anything, maybe 3+ seconds, and only then it starts engaging with loading the page. I observe this on two instances of Windows 10 -- at home and at office. On both desktops I have many other browsers, including Chrome, which don't have this kind of "dead pause". The "dead pause" is not a frozen state, meaning e.g. if you click the V-menu, it would react. Do you have any idea about about a setting that can be changed to reduce or remove this dead pause? I don't really have any complicated setup of Vivaldi, it's just visuals and 2-3 keyboard shortcuts added/changed, so I don't think it's introduced by my setup. Cheers

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    With Vivaldi 1.1.453.6 x64 on Windows 10x64 Pro (Final!) after 1,5 seconds the search results are loaded.

    More than 3 seconds is long.

    Which Search do you use in Settings?
    Do you have any security software on your Windows interfering the traffic?

  • I use Google search.
    No additional security software, only what already comes with Windows 10, and the problem is there just for Vivaldi, I imagine this kind of obstacle would affect all browsers, Chrome included.

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