What I find needs improving and adding after power-using Vivaldi Browser on Windows 8.1

  • Downloader needs to show download speed not just file size and downloaded size. On top of that being able to see/copy the full download link/url is very important too. All these actions are present in Opera. To really make a splash then accelerated downloads should be added for obvious reasons and the fact that hardly any other browsers except Maxthon 4 can achieve this. We also need to be able to tell the download manager where to download the file to instead of a default of the download folder. We need to be able to put the speed-dial page into the homepage button or have a separate speed-dial button so we can just enter the speed-dials without having to open a new tab etc. Once again this is a great and simple feature included on Opera. Speed dials need to be able to be thrown from the main screen into any folder as well as marked straight into created speed-dial folders from the webpage and bookmark button. Speed-dials should be customizable with different sizes as the current dials are a little large. We need an option to save the speed-dials so we don't have to go through the hassle of re-doing them each and every time we either do a new install or a fresh install. When adding a new speed-dial it would be nice to get a smart URL list come up instead of just one line. So for example if I'm looking for 'portableappsblog' I can get a few options if I type 'Port' rather than the way it is now with one option.. Needs bookmark listings and download manager buttons on the main panel like Maxthon otherwise its just too man clicks using a side panel. Needs a proper bookmark manager and bookmark exporter for html files and so forth, I do like the favourites manager in Maxthon 4 it works very well. Opening a new tab seems clunky and no where near as fast and smooth as the Opera browsers. Tab previews can be clunky/delayed and sometimes not show on certain tabs when multiples of tabs are open. I think Opera's tab menu and preview system is actually a better idea than this Presto Opera preview look which Mozilla users get with extensions, it is a bit old hat and Opera is way ahead in this area. Cheetah (Liebao) has a similar preview of tabs like Vivaldi. We really do need a tab menu like Opera especially when a good amount of tabs are open so we may as well have previews on that menu like Opera rather than the tabs themselves. When stacking tabs I'd rather have text previews allowing me to select what I want but only if we can have a tab menu with picture preview as I previously desribed. Need an option to state if we want to save passwords or not so we do not have to keep going over the subject if we regularly clean our browser. A cleaner button on the main panel would be nice and a new look to the cleaner something of a vivaldi look rather than the typical chrome look we all want to move away from. I've noticed that some Chinese chrome-based browsers have some nice looks which move well away from the Chromium base look and thus make the browser look their own. Needs a media scanner like Maxthon but one which will display multiple video formats like FVD extensions do. Maxthon has a nice built in screen capture program but we would want one the same but also it should be able to capture a whole webpage not just an area on the visible screen. So for example if a webpage is three screens long then you can set the capture program to capture the whole three screens in one length. Maybe see what the new Microsoft Edge rendering engine is like from Microsoft and implement this as well like many browsers use duals engines. Need to allow a tab to be taken off screen into a new window like on Opera Hows about adding a save webpage as PDF and TXT files Add a button that allows a single left button press to copy the full URL so it can be pasted without 2 clicks and right clicking etc. Add a new idea being a tag or hotkey button allowing us to add a list of tags against a word so they can be pasted. So for instance I use WordPress and I use a lot of different type of articles. I have a text file which lists most of my needs for tagging. So if I have an article on Fukushima radiation I look down my list for FUKUSHIMA then copy the tags I placed next to it. What would be good is if we could have a similar option so when we right click on a box we can access a tag finger menu where we simply type FUK or FUKUSHIMA and then a list of our tags comes up for us to just accept and have placed in the area we originally right clicked such as the WordPress tag space. Or even just a basic hotkey system would be worth. Give us an option for top and bottom scrolling of web pages Allow us to be able to open a link in a new tab without automatically switching us to that new tab, I want to be able to stay within the current tab. The current browser seems a little slow at loading some pages Need an option from the menu to open an incognito window/tab Open in new window link should open a maximised window not a scaled down one. Current browser takes a hammering with just 17 tabs open where as I could easily do the same and far more with Opera The audio symbol in the tab is a stroke of genius and very useful but if you have multiple tabs open the tab size may be too small so we could do with the audio sign replacing the site avatar. I just had a tab playing video I didn't want but I had 18+ tabs open but luckily I could just about see the audio sign thank god Processor resources need optimizing I've kicking out 69% of my iCore 2.6Ghz processor with just 31 tabs open which could be easily done by Opera using probably just 30% of my processor, I've had 100+ tabs open on Opera with less resource use and the same websites as now. Its so bad on Vivaldi I cannot even copy any text off the webpages let alone paste them. Grouping the tabs manages to bring down the CPU use down to around 37-40%. The grouping allows some copying of text but its slow and delayed and can lock up the webpage and even cause the text of the page to lose alignment making it hard to know where things were placed. Eventually some tabs just crashed where the page was replaced with a black screen and a dead canary which lucky helped me get some work done and lower resource use. With the 31 tabs open I am using up 88% of my six gigabyte memory but I could have a lot more open on Opera with less memory usage I noticed some kind of mouse gesturing is present because somehow I went backwards in my wordpress page and had to go forward again and restore the backup. Therefore we want an option to turn off any mouse and rocker gestures as I and some other people personally detest them. Noticed the horrible menu in YouTube videos when you want to copy the embed/link, the one you get on Opera before you install the flash player. We want one where we can just use our mouse to copy the data needed. The current one makes me have to mess around more with the mouse or use the keyboard to copy. I noticed on WordPress that I was logged into my WordPress and able to post thus proving I was logged in but when it come to writing comments on a recent post when displayed as a webpage in another tab it then made out I had to log in and thus I couldn't add a comment. This has happened whilst on the Vivaldi forum after opening multiple tabs I was again not logged in. Could tab stacking allow you to X close the tab whilst allowing others in the stack to survive as a stack? Right now if we use the X close the tab then the whole stack disappears? If not then tab previews will have to be very reliable even at high numbers of tabs to make sure the stacking works well. This tab stacking present now works much better than the one on the Yandex alpha, I couldn't work at all with that in the way I need to work. I noticed the browser will not safeguard your page in other words I have a WordPress add new post open and I've even started adding a post. I hit the add new and immediately a new reloaded add new page starts. With almost all other browsers I would first be prompted with a warning asking me if I want to stay on the page or continue. We need an option to allow us to view a page's source code, I had to use Opera to find the Iframe code of a video without an onscreen embed option. I love the chunky progress bar in the URL address zone it is so much more useful than the Ouroboros used by all the others but if I flick out of a tab and into another before the first tab is refreshed fully then I cannot tell what is happening with that tab whilst sitting in another tab. So for example if I make a change in WordPress and then go to that edited article in another tab to see the difference from last time on a new refresh then my original edit may still be going on whilst I completed a refresh on the second tab thus meaning I think something hasn't been edited but in fact it really might have been. So maybe some kind of visible progress meter or an Ouroboros presence on the tab itself as well keeping the nice progress bar. It would be nice to have a 64bit Windows version as all computers today come as 64-bit and lets face it the older computers will struggle to run a modern Chrome-based browser anyway. [b]So for me its back to Opera until I can test out the next version of Vivaldi browser when its released which I hope will be soon. I have far too much work to do and right now Vivaldi cannot cope but what would I expect from a mere preview. I cannot wait to see the next Vivaldi releases but people shouldn't put Opera down so much as it has dramatically improved since 15 and rest assured you won't get a much silkier experience for actual web browsing even when Vivaldi is on the ball. [/b]

  • I've notice my speed-dial pictures have all disappeared after quitting Vivaldi for a while then coming back. The dials are there but no pictures unless I refresh them all.

    I did find a way to add a different wall paper to the speed-dial area and its as simple as:
    Locate the directory listed:
    Replace the 'bg.jpg' with the background you would like making sure you rename your picture as 'bg.jpg'

  • @unhived:

    I noticed on WordPress that I was logged into my WordPress and able to post thus proving I was logged in but when it come to writing comments on a recent post when displayed as a webpage in another tab it then made out I had to log in and thus I couldn't add a comment. This has happened whilst on the Vivaldi forum after opening multiple tabs I was again not logged in.

    Yes, that indeed is an issue. It seems Vivaldi forgets it's the same session when opening a new tab. This happens everywhere - Vivaldi forums, Facebook, Reddit, Google. Everywhere where you're logged in and open links in a new tab.

  • Well overall its a good effort so far and its only a preview so we cannot expect miracles. I hope it becomes a good browser but for now I am back on my Opera 28 all updated which runs like a dream. I am sick of people slagging the Opera browser off when I know most of them haven't even been using the newer versions and basing everything off Opera 15. People shouldn't open their mouths unless they test all the new versions of different browsers like I do. I've used them all PCXFireFox, LawlietFox, TeTe Atlier, Palemoon, Maxthon 4, Vivaldi, Liebao, 360, Slimjet, Sleipnir, Lunascape, Avant, IE11 and more. Right now Opera is head and shoulders above the rest. The bookmarks are a nuisance still but the actually bookmark system put in place works well and its clean etc. I think developers need to take a look at the customization of Maxthon and Slimjet and bring it altogether with maybe other actions. I watched a video by some lame brain who got so excited about the Vivaldi F2 menu showing tabs and the tab previews. This same guy slagged off Opera and I sensed he had never even seen an Opera with a preview since Opera has impressive previews on both the tab and side menus

    Now as for the status bar, I personally hate these things because yet again they take up space on the screen. So it would be nice to have access on the main panel or menu to the same options shown on the status bar.

    As for the removal of the tabs I could never use that feature as I have at least 30 and upwards tabs open at a time. But I think what is the point in removing tabs when you get no benefit from it such as the layout stays the same. What I mean is simply why don't the browser take advantage of the tabs being removed and give you a bit more web page viewing?

    The idea of a pop-out video is another good option and ideally copied from the Maxthon 4 browser since you can pop out the video and pop it back without losing where you were. When you use Popvideo extension on Mozilla browsers you might be half way into a video and then pop-out that video only for it to start from the beginning. So as I say Maxthon 4 is the king of the pop-out video so copy their way of doing things.

    I also hated the Vivaldi speed-dials showing up in the bookmarks panel, I ended up thinking it was an error and my bookmarks had somehow doubled so I deleted them and realized I'd deleted the speed-dials. Some kind of separation should be made or Ideally keep the Speed-Dials completely out of the bookmark area.


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