Hey people! I created a chat server for the best browser right now, Vivaldi

  • I made it on Discord, you can enter the chat here: http://discord.me/vivaldi I strongly recommend you use the app and not the website, it's lighter and faster =)

  • Bumpity

  • Is there a way to connect to #vivaldi on Hexchat? I've tried, but it doesn't look like there are any names being shown, and I don't think it'd due to no one writing in it.

    And browserking, Maxthon is practically spyware. I wouldn't touch that browser with a pole long enough to reach China.

  • @D0J0P Sorry, just read this. Discord uses their own protocol, not IRC, so I can't help.
    I think there's a missing post here?

  • I use bitlbee to connect to many things, and one of those things is discord. See https://wiki.bitlbee.org/ for what is supported. I don't know if there are any public servers you can use since I use my own local instance.

    It's also possible clients have plugins to connect to discord, but I haven't looked into that.

  • @NSANE I see. Thanks for replying, so I guess Discord doesn't have IRC support for Hexchat then :( .

    I wish Vivaldi had an IRC channel that I could log into with Hexchat.

  • @D0J0P IMHO IRC it's a very outdated protocol that worked in 2005 but never got around its usability limitations. The main advantage over Discord is that you can run your own secure server, and that's it (it's also super fast, IIRC).
    But Discord has everything you need in an IM: a mobile app, text chat, voice calls, group chat, server chats, group voice calls and soon video chat + video group calls. And the main advantage over IRC is that it's really really easy to join and start using it... IRC is always a problem to a new user. You need to learn console commands, registering is very complicated, and login is even worse.
    Also, Discord has 2FA, for extra security.

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