Search suggestions for search bar?

  • I am not sure if it is a bug or if it is a future soon to come. I am wanting search suggestions for the search bar. It seems I have it enabled, and it does work for the address bar. Is it possible to get it to work in the search bar?

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    I think search suggestions work for anything but Google right now.

  • I tested it on other search engines. Doesn't work on bing either.

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    With 1.1.453.6 the standard Bing setting works fine.
    Sorry if have not seen you write: Search bar.

    No, currently this is not implemented in search field.
    Will come, but we have so many bug to be solved to get next version out.
    Please be patient and wait.

  • Strange. It works for the address bar. I tried the version you mentioned, and it isn't working either. I cleared the profile and reinstalled, still didn't work. I don't know what else it can be.

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    blush My fault. look at my post up.

  • Right now (1.6.689.34 Stable 32 bits) it's impossible to use the search bar only via mouse, it should have a "search now" button of some kind (an arrow in Firefox).

    I have a dual search engine setup: One in the address bar, another one in the search bar. Depending on what I search on one or another. I can select some text on a web with the mouse and drag it to the search bar, but once there I need to use my hand to activate that search.

    I know it's not much of a bother to most people, but for the extremely lazy or the handicapped it can be.

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    @wookie Wouldn't be using the context menu option "Search with..." more convenient than dragging selected text across the whole screen? 🤔


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