Are we going to be able to update to stable eventually?

  • I'm wondering if we are going to be able to upgrade to the stable final release once its out from this installed version or not? Or at least import settings like bookmarks? The reason I ask is because I don't want to lose time creating all my the nice bookmarks and speedials so then I have to re-do everything from scratch when the final version comes out. This is a technical preview after all, so it could be possible that for the final consumer version or stable we will need to do a fresh install. It would be great to know this in advance, since I cannot actually find any upgrade button in the browser, or a changelog where we could stay updated or similar.

  • +1. This is an issue, in one form or another, that will impact most Vivaldi users at these early stages. Namely, how much time we invest in tweaking/customizing the Tech Preview edition depends on how much of that (and how easily) carries over into a later release(s). There is a lot of potential looseness in how users may interpret "Tech Preview" and whether such a version will directly link into an update mechanism for follow-on alpha, beta, and stable versions. What matters most is what Vivaldi's view of this is, and what path it intends to follow. Inquiring minds need to know… 😉

  • +2
    it would be really nice if they told us.


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