My "First Post". Thanks Vivaldi!

  • Until one or two months ago, I was still using Opera 12.x which is increasingly problematic. I finally started using a Firefox variant instead, and then a couple of days ago a friend told me about Vivaldi, knowing how much I loved Opera. Vivaldi feels like what a Chromium based version of Opera should always have been, not whatever that other thing was.. And I was childishly happy to have discovered it, even if I'm not 100% sure I can switch to it as my exclusive browser yet. I have some concerns about the ubiquitous use of Chromium feeding into Google's dystopian data collection, but I understand the necessity of it to make the project viable. Regarding viability, does Vivaldi have any kind of subscription program ? In principle I accept that free projects need advertising and sponsored links to survive, in practice I cannot abide advertising and tracking links and have done my best to thwart them since using Proxomitron with Opera back in 1999 or so. Some sites offer subscriptions for supporters, but I find the gap between advertising supported user and the typical $5 a month subscription user, to be too large. If Vivaldi becomes my exclusive browser, as Opera was for so many years, I would be willing to support it with a more modest subscription. Would not even subscriptions of $1 a month would be more valuable than the revenue gained per-user otherwise ? Tiered pricing is always a possibility too, for the more ardent fans. Best wishes with the project from another Opera orphan, I like Vivaldi enough already that I want to make the switch, even if I haven't quite yet.

  • No subscription, but you could buy some goodies from the Vivaldi store: 🙂


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