How can I import my bookmarks from Firefox ?

  • Hello How can I import my bookmarks from Firefox? Before that is not easy to make, is that anything with the switch to Vivaldi Regards Frank

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    With Vivaldi you can import all Firefox bookmarks from you Mozilla browser profile.
    1. Vivaldi menu File -> Import Bookmarks and Settings
    2. Open Bookmarks manager with Ctrl B
    3. See the bookmark folder "Imported From Firefox"

  • This didn't help me.

    I can find no bookmark folder "Imported From Firefox". The list includes every browser but Firefox.

  • @codeimpaired i also have the same problem as you.

    i wish they would answer the question but it seems they prefer to ignore us.

    it is wrong to ignore people asking for help on a help forum.

  • Hm, work fine for me, tested 2 minutes ago.

    Cheers, mib

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    @odinsleep Export from Firefox to HTML, and then import the HTML to Vivaldi.

    I cannot account for Vivaldi's failure to find your firefox install if it's installed in the usual way and location. But HTML export/HTML import always works.

    (And no one is ignoring you. Note you were answered within 8 minutes when you posted to a year-old thread. We mods are all volunteers here with busy lives and jobs/businesses of our own - so if we miss someone, we are sorry.)

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    @odinsleep said in How can I import my bookmarks from Firefox ?:

    it is wrong to ignore people asking for help on a help forum.

    That depends on how they ask. If they don't read the reply given it's not always necessary to repeat it.

    Everyone here is helping in their free time. No one gets paid, so be polite and phrase your question clearly. If you get no response after a while, add some more details.

  • Another way is to install the Xmarks extension in both Firefox and Vivaldi. After setting up an account, upload your bookmarks from Firefox to Xmarks. Then, log into Xmarks from Vivaldi and sync your bookmarks.

    What I liked about this method was that in my bookmarks bar (which I have showing), my bookmarks are arranged as they are in Firefox with Vivaldi's bookmarks shunted to the right of my Firefox bookmarks rather than being purged.


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