Open tab next to current

  • This was a feature of opera 12. Where one could instruct the browser, that any NEW tab you open, is next to the one you are on... Which was so that new tabs, didn't open ALL THE way at the END of you tabs, when you have a lot open. If you closed a tab, it would return to the one you were on previously. Would love to see this in vivaldi... I abhore tabs being opened at the end of all my tabs.... since then, I'd either have to move them next to the one I'm on, or ctrl + tab all the way to the newly opened tab, and/or click it.... less motion, more production, is my motto 😉

  • Power users are supposed to take a look to the settings panel. 😉

  • it is checked… still opens ALL new tabs at the end of all my tabs.....

    Vivaldi 1.1.443.3 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)

    sabayon, kernel 4.1 KDE 4

    even fails when I had "next to related tab" checked....

  • Ok.

    Now its clear.

    You are talking about the tabs opened clicking on the + button.

    Those are opened always on the right on recent vivaldi versions, while middle buttoning on a link opens them according to the settings.

    This behavior was introduced recently because most of the people are used to it on other browser, and also because it makes absolutely sense.

    New tabs are clearly easier to find if opened on the extreme right, especially on a crowded tab bar, while middle button on a link opens the tab next to the current, as Opera did.

    Possibly a further option will come in the future, but my suggestion is to get used to it.

  • hehe, old dog, new tricks….

    I'd been using opera since version 5.... and was used to having tabs being opened next to the one I was on... but, I'll hope that that option will come in the future. 🙂


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