Context menu on extension icon right clik

  • like the title says and as can be seen in the following image [img][/img] Can we expect to see the following feature happening ? Some extensions make use of the context menu on the extensions icon, I would say that this is a very important feature

  • Unfortunately, that feature is not available with vivaldi 1.0; hopefully it will be implemented soon…. ;)
    BTW, I noticed you are using Comodo Dragon; I urge you to get rid of it; comodo dragon has some serious security issues due to the fact that it does not regularly update to the latest chromium version..... ;)
    If you're going to use a chrome-based browser, just use chrome itself..... :)
    I personally will stick with vivaldi..... ;)

  • Not only it has security issues, it also does not play proprietary media files. and lacks on many other things.

    I can do without the context menu on the extensions for the time being. I hope to get them soon ^^

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