Little remarks

  • My first impression of the browser is great, Enjoying the black UI more than i expected en love the little room the UI uses of my screen. I often use the mouse and keyboard combined so i really looked forward to the shortcuts and their customization options, this is one of the reasons i could never get used to working with Opera. Most shortcuts were either fine or configurable... except... ctrl+tab & ctrl+shift+tab (or i have not found the way to do that). [strike]Currently these rotate through the tabs in an unpredictable way, i wanted to configure them for the forward and backward (like ctrl+1 / ctrl+2) but these seem to be hard coded. 😞 [/strike] Showing shortcut keys in the tooltips of buttons doing that same action would be nice. While browsing the web i've seen no (notable) problems. But the performance of opening new (even empty) tabs i found somewhat disappointing. Also, selecting an old tab and changing its address to another url... was not what i expected. I saw 1 letter appear in the addressbar before the browser removed focus of it and started reload that website. The added features like adding notes, seems like a great thing. But... i expected a little more (sorry). I expected the notes to be ordered at least alphabetically and maybe even the notes with an link on it pointing to the current website at the top (or highlighted maybe). Expected that searching in the notes i could find them by searching on their site name (or even part of it). Creating a new note could (should?) contain the current url by default. Adding a screenshot to the note is a GREAT thing, as a developer i love this feature! Maybe some simple editing like adding a little marker could be a nice addition. Please keep up the good work, it's been too long i've been this enthusiastic about a browser 🙂 Edit: The hint of greenenemy was great, changed the behaviour of ctrl+tab en all is well 🙂 This rises another point: when trying to create a short cut for ctrl+tab i does mention it is already used... but does not tell for what. Also when using the search in the settings window you can search on shortcuts like 'ctrl+1' and it shows you the setting it is used for... but when searching on 'ctrl+tab' it finds nothing.

  • In both opera12- and vivaldi you can change ctrl+tab to cycle in tab order.

    settings>tabs>cycle in tab order.


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