Losing own search settings - in which files is stored in profile?

  • Hi. I have 1.0.435.29 64bit on Win7 (with admin rights - at work) installed as standalone and if I set my own search with their aliases in Settings > Search, then close Vivaldi and then start Vivaldi again, every own searches are gone and I have only default search with Bing as default, Wikipedia and etc. Every other settings stay remembered, only Search s forgotten every Vivaldi restart. At home I have same version of Vivaldi installed same way (standalone) and I have no problem with settings of search. So i think I grab file with search settings from my home profile folder and drop it in my work profile folder... but I cannot find any specific file with some search settings stored. [b]1)[/b] Have someone else same problem? [b]2)[/b] Where is search settings stored in profile folder (Vivaldi\User Data\Default)? Thanks. [i]PS: In folder with Vivaldi I have plenty of other software installed/copied and no other soft have problem with store its settings, there are not problem with read/write rights.[/i]

  • Settings not saved means only one problem–>corrupted profile...
    To fix this, go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data and rename the folder "Default" to "Backup Default" and then relaunch vivaldi....
    A new "Default" folder will be automatically created when vivaldi launches; then simply go back to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data and delete the folder "Backup Default" and you're all set! 😉
    Import your bookmarks and settings (File->Import Bookmarks and Settings); do not try to copy/paste from the folder, because your profile could get corrupted again.... 😉

    NOTE: Make sure to close all instances of vivaldi before doing this... 😉

    Hope this helped~ 🙂

  • Resolved: Problem was in some symbols from URL of own "searchers". I copy and pase many of my old links from Opera 12 settings such as:


    And Vivaldi has problem with symbol: ﷐. If I save this URL and shut down Vivaldi and start Vivaldi again, whole own sets searchers are gone and restored to default ones (Bing, Wiki, Yahoo etc.).

    Bug was reported as VB-16241.

    Bloody hell 🙂


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