What I hoped to see, but didn't

  • I hoped to see a browser that gave the ability to do what I want. That didn't limit me to the choices made by others. That can be integrated into my work flow, persuaded (with some work) to be a joy to work with. I don't see this. I'm disappointed. I was hoping for something with programming hooks and extensibility. Something that [ol] [li]I can program to [b]integrate with my own tools[/b] in the languages of my choice[/li] [li]that can have a [b]separate search box[/b], or other things, if I want one[/li] [li]that can easily incorporate my [b]own UI display elements[/b][/li] [li]that can give me the chance to [b]explore modified markup[/b] by tapping into the pipeline that processes markup[/li] [li]that I can program in [b]F#[/b], [b].NET[/b], [b]Powershell[/b], [b]Python[/b], [b]Racket[/b] or whatever I want[/li] [/ol] My initial check showed none of these, so I've uninstalled. [b]Good luck with the project, I hope it goes well. [/b] Just not for me.

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