First Impressions and Suggestions

  • So, I've been using Vivaldi as much as I could the past week or so, there are a few things that I've noticed, and noted handily in the Notes feature, that I'd like to share. I'll say first however that I come from Chrome, I see a lot of people on here were/are using Opera, so I'm comparing my experience with Chrome, not with Opera.

    1. One of my favourite features, when it was released in Chrome, was image search in the context menu, I'd like to see this as a feature in Vivaldi.
    2. Another of my more frequently used features was using a website as a search engine in the address bar, e.g. [tab] now it's a search engine. I'd like to see this as a built-in feature.
    3. Although the zoom slider is a handy feature I feel it is lacking as it doesn't show the zoom level until we let go of the slider knob.
    4. I've seen a solution for adding custom icons to the speed dial items, but it's impractical for the number of items that I'd have in my speed dial. Also, transparency layers are nice.
    5. When adding bookmarks to the speed dial I've noticed that the previous URL is pasted 'on click'.
    6. I have added a search bar search engine, which works fine. However, the icon for this website is not generating in the search bar drop-down list.
    7. I have the dark theme, and as such, I notice that the transparency layer on active tabs icons isn't displaying, the tab icons have a white background in most cases.
    8. Although I have installed a new scrollbar (via stylish) that better matches the dark theme, the built-in scrollbar doesn't match the dark theme. Also, it's 2016. The scrollbar doesn't need to be so wide, nor does it need the up and down arrows.
    9. The middle mouse button doesn't have any effect on the home button, I think it should open the home page in a new tab.
    10. The F2 dialogue is awesome, I really like it, however, what about a voice search button? Custom voice commands?
    11. While writing these notes I noticed that when a webpage loads it takes focus from the notes panel, which is a bit annoying.
    12. The right click to set an image to the background isn't instant, and when I was doing it I wasn't sure it even worked. It did, but I wasn't sure for a minute.
    13. Another awesome feature I really like in Vivaldi is the page size and items displayed on the right-hand side of the address bar, however, it doesn't display fetching information, I'd like to see a bit more especially as there is no loading bar, it looks like the browser is hanging when I click a link.
    14. I like the built-in session saving although I'd like to see forms saved also.
    15. When using web apps like Google docs or pixlr, Vivaldi's hotkeys and the apps hotkeys conflict, CTRL+B, which would normally make text bold in Google docs, opens the bookmarks menu. This is a pretty major conflict that needs to be addressed.
    16. Opening a link in a new tab opens a white page, which doesn't match the dark theme, it's blinding at night, I'd like to see the default blank page colour as a darker colour, that matches the themes.
    17. Although I understand the missing built-in flash player, youtube, with HTML 5 enabled, is quite unstable, and often crashes midway through a video, and sometimes the page needs refreshing one or sometimes two times to get the video to play.

    Well if you've read this far, thanks. I hope that a developer reads this and takes note of a few things even if some of these are personal preference. I hope to keep using Vivaldi and I'll hopefully one day I'll be able to use a browser that is as feature-rich as Chrome with less of the intense system usage.

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