Closing Group of Selected Tabs

  • Vivaldi has the option to SHIFT+Click and select a range of tabs. Yet, why is it when I select a range of tabs, I'm unable to close them all at once? Vivaldi seems to only close the very last tab that I clicked, rather than all the tabs I selected. On Google Chrome for example, if I SHIFT-Click and select a group of tabs, I can close them all at once. Is there a way to have Vivaldi perform actions, such as cloning and closing tabs, on a range of tabs similar to how I can stack a group of selected tabs?

  • Moderator

    I see the option here on the latest Snapshot build for Windows.


  • Yea, I'm on the stable version: 1.0.435.42

    I'm weary of using the snapshots. How stable are they?

  • Moderator

    I have used both 64-bit experimental build and am now using 32-bit version, neither have crashed yet.

  • Awesome. I might download them then.

    Thanks for the help.


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