Toolbar similar to that in Firefox

  • In FF at the right of the search bar sits a toolbar that is customisable Here various tools and features can be customised as a clickable icon Does V have a similar toolbar and if so how do I enable/configure same?

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    Customisability will come later. There's a thread on customising the GUI, but I doubt whether what you want can be done, or if it can it will take more work than it is worth.

    Just wait patiently for these features to be added to Vivaldi. It is their mission statement to produce a browser more like Opera 12.17 (where this kind of customisation is easy).

    If you're not already familiar with the old Opera it's still worth installing and learning how to customise it. More and more sites are broken in it now, but I still use it as my default browser. I have a context menu item to open any page in Vivaldi (or other browsers). I also have a whole bunch of custom buttons and keyboard shortcuts for launching other applications. I rarely need to use the Windows Start menu.


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