Alt + Tab window switching problems

  • From the last patch, when switching windows from Viva to other app windows using Alt + Tab, Viva cancels (instantly) the window switching to another window shortly after switching to the window of another app, and reverts back to Viva window. So I must manually click the minimize button of Viva to switch from the viva window to an another window. Using Windows 10 - 64 This is a significant and material problem, for me, and supposedly for many others. I won't be able to keep using Viva if this problem persists. I thought this issue would have been hot fixed ASAP, so I decided to not post this issue when the problem started just after the latest patch introduced. When are you going to address this issue? 🤢

  • Moderator

    This is called "stealing focus." The developers have been working on fixing it for a couple of weeks.


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