Translation Option

  • Unlike most other browser that have an option to translate any given page, either through a prompt (Chrome) or by right clicking and selecting translate this page, Vivaldi has no easily identified option to do so. If there is already no option available at this time, it would, perhaps, be an idea to provide this option for readers. I for one access quite a wide cariety of foreign pages which I need to translate to English. Regards Wotcheruk

  • Will Vivaldi offer an alternative to extensions like a translation context menu?

  • Search engines and google translate work for me about that.
    For example to translate some japanese text to english I've set up a search engine url like this
    so I can highlight some text and using the mouse context menu "search with", select it and it's done.
    To translate a whole page I have this
    with a nick "ts", so to translate a whole page I just edit the url in address bar prepending ts

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