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  • I tried to delete certain bookmarks and vivaldi browser doesn't even allow me to delete it or rename it. That's quite stupid for the programmers to create a browser that doesn't even have this simple capability. Firefox, chrome, IE and other browsers allow users to rename or delete, but Vivaldi doesn't. Again, very dumb programming. Second, with Firefox, when I go into bookmarks, it shows me all of my bookmarks, but with Vivaldi I have to go into Windows and then it would show me my recently bookmark(s). Again, very dumb design and very confusing. Third, If you go into Tools > Bookmarks, it shows Ctrl B for bookmark, but what about Ctrl D? I pressed Ctrl D and gave a specific name with a specific location, and hit Save. After Saving, I cannot find my recent bookmark anywhere. What idiot designed this confusing UI? It's very frustrating when I cannot delete, rename, or find my bookmarks. It's a browser that is designed by people who don't have common sense? I would not recommend this browser to anyone. Fix this frustrating and idiotic problem. Don't try to re-invent the wheel. Improve it. Firefox makes it easy for people to add/remove/rename, and organize bookmarks, but Vivaldi is a pain in the ass.

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    Your frustration is visible, but why do you want to use Vivaldi if Firefox is better? Stay with the browser you like.

    We dont want a duplicate of Firefox.

  • @Gwen-Dragon, When I read the first line of the question from @fx3dwin, I thought your response was snarky, but decided I should read the whole question. Glad I did, as I realized that your response was actually very polite compared to the question, and compared to what 99 of 100 other moderators would have given. I'm impressed!

    @fx3dwin, would you want your spouse/sig other/kids/coworkers to see your very personal, denigrating rant against the Vivaldi developers? And where is your software masterpiece?

  • you're replying to a 1 year old and abandoned thread

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    Bookmarks can be managed in Vivaldi.
    Closed this rant without relevance to current Vivaldi versions.


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