Content Settings for Vivaldi?

  • Miss some global settings to protect privacy in Vivaldi. There are some in the Settings, and some on the Page Actions. I miss the following global settings (allow, not allow, exceptions): [ul] [li]Javascript:[/li] [li]Key generation[/li] [li]Handlers[/li] [li]Pop-ups[/li] [li]Plugins[/li] [li]Notifications[/li] [li]Microphone[/li] [li]Camera[/li] [li]Images[/li] [li]Location[/li] [/ul] I remember Vivaldi notifying me of a location share, but there seems no global setting to allow or block this.

  • Moderator

    Yes, the settings page is not complete.
    In meantime please use vivaldi://chrome/settings/content

  • Thank you. That is very helpful; now I have control over them again.

    Let's wait for the settings to be properly implemented.


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