How can I import my Opera 36 Speedials into Vivaldi as Speedials

  • Tried what I could find and all I got was to faulty lists of Bookmarks, I don't use bookmarks just Speed dials Lots of them, so I need to import Opera 36 speed dials as speed dials is this not possible.?

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    There is no Speed Dial folder in Vivaldi - just the ability to display any bookmark folder as a Speed Dial.

    In Opera, Speed Dials are segregated from bookmarks.

    So the thing to do is to move your speed dials into a discrete bookmark folder temporarily in Opera 36, import the O36 bookmarks, and then move or label the folder containing Speed Dials as you wish, and set it to be displayed as a Speed Dial page in Vivaldi.

    Then return the Opera Speed Dials to where you found them.

  • Hi thanks for the reply

    I have never found the Speeddial entry in Opera 36, I have in the past used the Sync option but as of late did not work, no one on the net has pointed to where the speed dial files is.
    Vivaldi has a option to import Bookmarks from Opera 15+ and it does sort of Import every book marks from All my Browser's, I can see a folder that looks like the list of my Opera speed dials, butt if I set it to use as Speeddial it dose not do a thing that I can see.

    The other thing that Vivaldi also imports all my history from the other browser's with out importing any thing, I just listed History and there it was.

    I think I have been using Opera from may be from V8, all because of it speed dial features, so far I cant see Vivaldi having a good Speeddial feature that Opera 36 has, but I would like to see if I can get Vivaldi working as good as Opera 36.

    The Vivaldi bookmark import needs to work, or its just to much stuffing around to get it to work.

    None of the other Browsers' support importing Opera speed dials.

    Plus a Extension for WebRTC Leak Prevent like on all the other Chrome type Browser's

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    You have to move the speed dial entries from within Opera 36 when it's open. Just do it in the bookmarks interface. I'm pretty sure they are stored in the "favorites" file on your hard drive, but that's neither here nor there. You move its contents within the open program, in the bookmarks interface.

    Vivaldi speed dial is actually more powerful than Opera's, because you can use ANY bookmark folder(s) as a speed dial page or pages, and, Vivaldi Speed Dial accommodates hierarchical folders, which Opera's does not.

    In Vivaldi, we can't yet change the size of dials or number of columns (at least not above 6) in speed dial, we can edit the label but not the address within the visual page, and we can't yet drag a dial on top of another to start a folder. But these things will come. In the meantime, you can edit speed dial right in its folder, in the side panel or the bookmark manager.

  • Thanks for your feed back.

    I have never ever found in a number of years a way to get hold of the Speeddial file or even move it to a Book mark folder, recently reinstalled Windows 10 retail on my Laptop, and remove the Insider version, as some software that I used was failing on that version.
    The only way that I found to import the speed dial over was to copy the C:\Users\Bill\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable, and that was from Web help, that was handy as the 2 computers run on Win7/10 and 32/64 bit, as it seems that O 🙂 pera might be just 32 bit

    I managed to get Vivaldi to import the Speed dials using just the Vivaldi built in import bookmarks, the garbage I was getting was in some folders in Opera 36 that I did no know that was there, remove these and now just get 2 folders imported one seems to be empty, the other was correct, set it to be the speed dial and it paces a Folder Tab on the menu with the speed dials there, I need to check if its correct, as even Opera with would stuff up now and again when upgrading to a later version.

    With Opera 36 you can zoom the screen so that you can get any number of speed dials showing in my case up to 8 columns even what the browser screen is shrunk by 30%, and can get 6 across when the opera screen is just 50%..
    With Vivaldi you need to be set full screen to get the 6 columns.

    Cant seem to delete all the history its showing, you have to click mark every one.

    🙂 🙂

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    In Opera, here is what you do to move Speed Dial into a regular bookmark folder:

    Open the bookmark manager by going to Menu, hover "bookmarks" and select "show all bookmarks." Then click on the "my folders" folder in the left panel, and in the view that opens to the right of that, click on the little folder at the top with the "+" sign, to create a folder. Name it something, like "other" or whatever.

    Then click on the speed dial folder in the left panel to reveal the contents of your speed dial. Hover any item in this folder and press Ctrl+a to select them all. Drag the resulting highlighted objects into the new folder you just created.


    Now import your Opera 36 bookmarks to Vivaldi. When done, go back into Opera, open that new folder you had created with the Speed Dial contents, select them all, and drag them back to the speed dial folder in the left panel.

  • No need to do any of that at all, select import bookmarks, go to the saves bookmark folder just click on it and select it as a speed dial, no need to copy any think.

    But I have deleted Vivaldi as the book marks are useless, no tiles etc or full site names.

    Its still in Alpha


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