Pocket extension crashes Vivaldi

  • Clicking the Pocket extension's toolbar button crashes Vivaldi instantly 😞 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/save-to-pocket/niloccemoadcdkdjlinkgdfekeahmflj

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    Fixed in interal version, as i could read yesterday.
    I hope, that will be fixed in next Snapshot from https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog

  • Has anyone looked at the Pocket Chrome extension code? Do we know if this is an issue with the extension or with Vivaldi itself?

    Looking forward to getting this working!

  • From a brief overview of the Pocket extension code in the file <pocket>/js/shared.js:

    There are a bunch of browser type detection checks such as "isChrome()", "isSafari()", "isOpera()" etc.. I'm guessing lack of check for Vivaldi plays into the extension crashing since all of the extension's behaviour is configured on a per-browser basis.

    // Shared and Utility functions between all browser extensions. Injected in
    // any site and used by the background page

    // Utility functions
    function isValidURL(s) {
    return (/^https?:/i).test(s);
    function isMac() {
    return navigator.platform.match(/^Mac/) !== null;

    function isSafari() {
    return window.safari !== undefined;

    function isLocal() {
    return document.location.hostname == "localhost"

    // As Opera is running now on Chromium, we have to test in Chrome that
    // we are not running Opera as the only difference between Opera and Chrome
    // is the OPR in the userAgent
    function isOpera() {
    return (/OPR/).test(window.navigator.userAgent);

    // As the Yandex browser is running Chromium in the backed, we have to test
    // in Chrome that we are not running on Yandex as the only difference between
    // Yandex and Chrome is the YaBrowser in the userAgent
    function isYandex() {
    return (/YaBrowser/).test(window.navigator.userAgent);

    // Test if the underlying rendering engine is Chrome / Chromium. That's the case
    // for Chrome, Opera and Yandex
    function isChrome() {
    return (window.chrome !== undefined && window.chrome.app !== undefined);

    // Test if it's chrome only and not opera or yandex
    function isChromeOnly() {
    return (window.chrome !== undefined && window.chrome.app !== undefined &&
    !isOpera() && !isYandex());


  • This issue have been fixed in Snapshot 1.1.453.6 and will be rolled out in few days time to the stable channel.


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