Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 (64-bit) Crashing While Not Being Used

  • Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 (64-bit) is crashing on its own even without being used. I usually bring it up on my Win7 machine when I start work. I have it there for when I have a little free time to use the "fun" websites I have put into Speed Dial while I do my work in Google Chrome. Without fail, multiple times a day, I will look at my taskbar and notice Vivaldi is no longer there. It is crashing even though I am not doing anything with it and have tabs open only to Speed Dial and Obviously, this is a difficult problem to see happening so I can know if anything else I am doing on my Win7 machine might trigger this. Is there a log file or something similar I can copy so I can submit this as a bug report?

  • I have now seen this crash happen before my eyes. While just sitting there with one tab open to an Ello account, suddenly, another large window came up for just a moment as if it were a large pop-up. Then, wham, Vivaldi crashed.

    Again I ask…is there any sort of log file I can look at to help with this?

  • I believe I have figured out the problem. I am one of the many having the problem with Xmarks crashing Vivaldi ever since it came out of beta. Since I did a completely fresh installation of Vivaldi and could then never log into Xmarks, I never changed the settings.

    As Xmarks users know, its default setting is to automatically update the bookmarks. After thinking on this a while, I realized the "big pop-up" I reported in my previous post was what is seen currently when trying to log into Xmarks before it crashes Vivaldi.

    While I still cannot log in to Xmarks, it does allow me to change settings. Having turned off the auto-sync, this "crash-without-use" problem seems to be gone.

    With that, I think this problem can be considered to be solved…except for the fact that whatever was changed between the last beta version and the current one needs to be put back so those of us depending on Xmarks can get back to normal.

  • Thanks for sharing such insights and great to read that it got resolved. We're doing our best to keep continuity between beta and final version. In case you start using snapshots things may break a little more in between as we're building new features sometimes we break others but with the official versions we're doing our best to avoid any regressions. 😉


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